Spring Maintenance

Spring Maintenance

With sunshine, a day of garden and yard work is ahead.
A truck of mulch is waiting in the driveway, along with grass seed.
Chicken coops and critter pens to clean.
Greenhouse window cleaning, followed by fence scraping.
A simple country life–not today!
And just incase your wondering, this is not my house!!!

7 thoughts on “Spring Maintenance

  1. Work, but fun in this beautiful weather. Clean-up this spring seems to be taking forever…I’ll think of you today while I am leaf vacuuming and feel better that I don’t have a chicken coop to clean!

  2. The list is never done hey? Good for tackling those jobs with gusto, your place is so wonderfully put together and easy for us all too see, your work ethic is amazing. Now with regards to this homeowner, not so much…LOL

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