Let’s Talk About Gardening

Let's Talk About Gardening

I have been invited to speak at a few local libraries!
Let’s chat about the garden, greenhouse and the Country Gardens magazine visit.
I will share lots of images from the garden.
If your local, I would love to meet you!!!

May 5 1:30 pm Janesville, MN Public Library

May 12 7:00 pm Waseca, MN Public Library

4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Gardening

    1. Little library chat went great! 15 sweet garden ladies sat with notepads, incase I said something interesting!
      Did a photo slide show, and exchanged lots of garden ideas. So fun! The woman who grew up in our home was there and she is so thrilled that we are working on our property, and making it a home.

  1. WOW, had you met her before? I bet she is amazed at what you’ve accomplished. Is she able to share any old photographs from back when? That would be fantastic to hear a first hand history of your home, how awesome. The home we bought is in a neighbourhood that had a long standing business. The current home owner had some photo’s framed from the brick making company that stood there for years. This goes back to the early part of the last century when Edmonton was really been born. I’m going to hit our local historical society to get details to share on a post. I love knowing the history of a community.

    Congratulations Stacey, sounds like your event was a ton of fun. I’m certain you had a lot of valuable information to share with them, I mean, just look at your gorgeous place. A gardeners dream to be sure!

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