Rain, Rain

Rain, Rain

The rain barrel is full, the yard spotted with little ponds.
The garden is holding it’s breath…waiting for the warming sun.
I know the green is about to burst from the landscape.

8 thoughts on “Rain, Rain

  1. Perfect photo for this week! Now that it is May some sun would be nice. Time to cut the grass!

    1. There was a slightly lighter grey sky today!
      Happy May Day!
      Can’t wait to get back outside this weekend.
      I have about a million branches to pick up–again!

  2. Sounds lovely. Here in Dallas, we still have two more nights in the upper 40’s! I am nursing some transplants, bringing them into the house each night. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get them into the garden with my other veggies Saturday. Love your site!

  3. Loving your rusty Rain King photo Stacey. We’ve had a little rain, but not much. The boulevards have a small amount of colour now too. Happy to hear you’re into spring renewal. It’s pretty cool here today. Barely above 0 C or 32 F. We’re way below norms for this time of year. Spring is being very stubborn, I tire of it’s attitude.

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