Too New

Too New

His before look.
My new concrete rabbit will have to undergo some aging this Summer.
A little mossy smoothie should do the trick.
Welcome to your new home here at Rabbit Run Cottage.

2 thoughts on “Too New

  1. Welcome to wonderland Mr Rabbit. What do you blend up to make your concrete look old Stacey? Love the crocks in the background too. Especially the brush work on #2 😀

  2. I use moss and beer! Slop it on and let it sit in a shady spot, dampen it every now and then.
    I found that 2 crock at an auction, love the color and yes that swirl flower!

    So much to do in the garden! Hope your doing well.
    Pressure is on to spruce this place up–2 garden tours–yikes–what was I thinking? They can see everything!!!

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