The State Of Things

The State Of Things

With busy days in the garden, I have been forgetting to pick up my camera!
Some chores have been checked off the list, with many more still to go.
Scraping the greenhouse paint and then giving it a fresh coat of color is still a big one to get done.
To bad Rosie can’t help!

9 thoughts on “The State Of Things

    1. She is still learning that we don’t walk through the plants–we go around them!
      Seems I’m running in many directions (as usual)
      The heavy rain has sure been throwing me off around here. Twice now, my new grass seed has just washed away.
      I might allow company out here–soon. 🙂

  1. Looks great! Would be nice if dogs could scrape wouldn’t it? I have a question for you… how far apart do you plant your rudbeckia seedlings? Mine are about 10 inches high now and I’ve thinned out some, but I’m sure I need to space them further apart. I love the way you mass yours all together.

    1. When I planted out the front of the garden fence, I planted heavy, about 6 in apart. I tend to let the plants get started, then move if I need too. I had a lot die off this winter, so I have been tucking in lots of new plants from other spots in the garden. My perennials I really just let seed as they like, If they are in the wrong spot, I wait till they bloom, and then will move or yank. I really have embraced the random around here. Mass plantings and polka dot plantings….it’s all good!

  2. Sweet Rosie, what a wonderful garden companion you must be. I don’t envy all the scraping and repainting. That’s misery. We had a Lindal Cedar house at the Lake and over 25 years, I got my fill of it. Are you keeping the colour the same?

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