New And Improved

New And Improved

The new and improved garden pond!
Shallow edges making the pond more visible from around the garden.
Tumbled rock to line the pond, with field stones and limestone used in the waterfall and edges.
New areas of the garden have opened up to more work and opportunities.
I’m planting in with lots of starter perennials and sneaking plants from one area of the garden to another.
A friend offered some of her ferns and I can’t wait to go get them for the newest shade area of the garden.
A frog has moved in all ready and is happily croaking, but I have yet to spy him.
Working on a little surprise for the pond.
Any guesses?

9 thoughts on “New And Improved

  1. Absolutely beautiful!!! Love it and wish I could have one. Having a hard time to convince hubby what a beautiful feature it could be to our back yard. He is concerned about drawing cirtters to our yard for water. We do have some pesky raccoons.

  2. Oh, I cannot wait to add a pond to my garden! Yours is one to model! Can’t wait for the surprise reveal. I love all the rocks in various sizes … love, love.

  3. WOW, you’ve done your garden proud (as always). Looks very inviting and calm. Do you worry about mosquito’s using your pond to propagate? I think we may see a fountain? I’ve been working in my new yard this week even though we don’t move in until Friday. Two full days so far and still lot’s to do. I keep thinking I’ll get to the point where it’ll be done and then I can just keep it up. Does this ever happen? LOL

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