Saving The Peonies

Saving The Peonies

Storms are taking a toll on, well– everything!
I cut an armful of Peonies to at least enjoy the fragrant blossoms a few days in the house.

11 thoughts on “Saving The Peonies

  1. I did that too….but every year when the peonies are at their best we get wind and rain! Please, let the rains STOP!

    1. Still trying to salvage a few tonight before round 3 of wind, hail and rain.
      My garden is standing water and it’s really taking it’s toll.
      Praying the greenhouse can continue to weather the weather! 🙂

  2. Oh, how I love old-fashioned peonies. I picked up a bouquet last Saturday at the farmer’s market for $3. Yes! I need to plant a bush. When the hail started falling here last night, I worried about my plants. Not the house. Silly. Fortunately, it was just small hail and no damage. I don’t think; haven’t been outside yet.

    1. We are drowning here.
      Spent the day yesterday cleaning up the branches, and damage. Power lines taken out and finally got power back late yesterday afternoon!
      Only to start over this morning. I think we got 5 inches last night. More damage to the horse shed…it is going to be a long week.
      We are grateful the greenhouse is still standing!

    1. Gathering a few more tonight.
      Had to call Eric home to help with power outage situation!!!
      Plants are drowning and most of my mulch washed away!
      Greenhouse is holding up, but another round coming tonight! Fingers crossed!

      1. How discouraging to have all your hard work wash away…and it is every single night lately! I didn’t realize you were without power that long, how awful. The sun can come out anytime now.

    1. I love the white and light pink the best!
      I would love to plant once of the yellows I’ve seen in the catalogs. Maybe next year.
      We had to move these plants when we moved here, and they are just now starting to recover and bear lots of flowers–if the weather allows!

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