Rural Practicality

Rural Practicality

A recycled farm bucket makes a great container for some Lemon Thyme.
Found in the woods, a little coaxing back to shape and it’s perfect to hang on the garden fence.

9 thoughts on “Rural Practicality

  1. I just love old buckets. I use them everyday here in the garden. Plants in some and I always have one as my weed bucket.
    Most of mine have a hole in the bottom! Just like Dear Liza’s.

  2. Love these old buckets and pails and always put them to various use around the gardens. Currently, I have 5 large metal basins containing: peppers, cat-mint, sage, geranium and river pebbles.You can never have too many!

    1. There have been a few garden treasures discovered in the woods! Mostly broken bits of farm life.
      So far holding my own on the garden. Have tucked in some plants in bare spots (hoping they fill in)
      Garden just starting to show some color, so slow out here.
      Mosquitoes are the big problem now!
      Still don’t have the greenhouse painted!!!

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