The scents and flavors of the season.


The Scent Of Summer


Pull up a chair among the Thyme and Lavender.

I once dreamed of having a little greenhouse that I grew little pots of Herbs.

It’s good to dream.

Now, snap out of it…I have to weed and water!

Herbs For Me And To Share

When I was a child our family always had a small clump of chives growing somewhere in our garden or flower beds. I’m sure I didn’t know what an Herb was back then. I remember picking the flowers and the onion smell being left on my hands.
I don’t remember when I learned about the world of Herbs; but I knew I loved them, I wanted to grow them, I wanted to cook with them, I even dreamed of having a little Herb Garden Nursery.

While cutting these Herbs this morning, I realized that I grow Herbs, cook with Herbs, I even occasionally sell some Herb pots, best of all I share them with friends and family.

Cilantro, here we go

Cilantro, here we go

When the cilantro goes to seed, it becomes coriander.
I filled my spice jars for the Winter. How wonderful to see my spice cupboard stocked with many of my own herbs and spices.
The remainder of the seeds were packaged for planting this years garden.
The first round of pots are in the warm greenhouse….
Cilantro tends to bolt quickly, so I will be starting more in a couple of weeks.
My goal is to have Cilantro for most of the Summer.
After all, Summer and salsa go together quite nicely.

Garden Goodness

Garden Goodness

If your a a local garden friend….
I will be speaking at our local library on Monday, May 12th at 7 PM.
I am not an expert gardener or speaker, but I can always chat about gardening!
I hope to share a bit about how we built our little greenhouse, my gardening style, and talk about the process of the Country Gardens magazine photo shoot.