The Humble Start

This was the little sign I made for my greenhouse when it was completed.

Painted on an old door panel found on the property.

The name hopefully speaks to the garden, it’s surroundings and the gardener as well.

I needed a reminder today.

I’m out finding my happy in the garden.

Humble Start

6 thoughts on “The Humble Start

    1. Yes, Audrey. Only a few days left to fluff around here.
      Some lovely gardens to see on the walk. Not sure how many will venture out here, as they did not give any description of my garden in the paper.
      I was a wee bit disappointed about that.
      We have begun some of the work on our house remodel–power lines and gas lines moved and trenched in. The place is a mess, hope people can overlook that stuff. See, I’m stressing…..
      Will you be coming over this way? If not please email me and let’s set up a time for you to stop over!

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