A Sense of Family

On a beautiful weekend in July, family came to spend time in the garden.

This Life We're Living

The first year after Jake died was filled with grief and mourning and more grief. The second year has provided different challenges. There has been a yearning for something. Possibly the yearning to complete our now incomplete family, I’m not sure. We knew we needed to do something together as a family but couldn’t decide what it should be. The hole in our lives was still fresh and raw. None of us wanted to figure out what the new normal was going to be.
The three of us, Carson, John and I decided to take a long weekend and visit my cousin and his family in Minnesota. We have always been very close with my parents and siblings so reaching out to cousins felt very comfortable. We decided to take our two dogs, Rubi and Apollo and camp along the way. Carson decided to invite her boyfriend, Bryan. Hopefully it…

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