My Kind Of Cleaning

The greenhouse cleaning has begun.

Time to sort, stack and save all my garden treasures.

Time to sort, stack and save.

17 thoughts on “My Kind Of Cleaning

      1. That’s what we are doing right now. Hubster is off this next week and it is going to RAIN! We still haven’t gotten the gutters on! 😦

  1. Another great season! Time to take stock of what did and didn’t work! My peach tree did not work probably because it was too cold in the spring and could not get planted in a timely fashion. I forgot to ask you to show me yours when I was at your Garden Walk this summer. Did you get more peaches this year?

  2. Good Gads! Those gourds a giant! Alys grew some, dried them out (took a while) then turned them into bird houses. Very cute! What will you do with yours? I see adorable Rosie at the bottom of this post, Hi Rosie!! How’s the snow on your toes?

    1. It’s so cold!!! Record low temps in November, not the way I wanted Winter to start! I’ll make those gourds into birdhouses in the Spring. The little wrens like them, and I like little chattery wrens in the garden!

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