Inspiration And A Giveaway!

A gardeners leaves their mark.
A gardeners leaves their mark.

This simple garden tool inspired my article that is in the February issue of Artful Blogging.  This small garden hoe was bought at a farm auction, and once home I noticed the initials carved into the handle.  How interesting that a gardener left their mark.

I tend.  I tend kids, critters, and a garden, and I blog about it.

Here’s the giveaway!  Leave a comment about where you get your inspiration?  I will pick one winner to receive a copy of Artful Blogging!  If you follow me and leave a comment, I’ll put your name in the garden hat twice.  I’ll announce the winner on Mon Feb 16.

36 thoughts on “Inspiration And A Giveaway!

  1. How fun! I already have my copy of Artful Blogger and found your story. So much eye candy including Rosie. So will leave the draw for your other blogging friends. Other creative and gardening friends inspire me when I see photo’s of their projects and gardens. Like yourself and so many more at WP. Pinterest often inspires me too. It’s like having a stack of magazines on your lap 😀

  2. How fun indeed! I snuck into Barnes and Nobles (well, I walked confidently) to find your magazine with article. I stood and read it enjoying every words and picture, feeling so proud I know you and have been to your garden paradise! And inspired me to start my own kind of blog, I might add, which is fun! I’d love to receive an autographed copy of this beautiful magazine!


    1. Oh Karen, thank you so much! It was a pleasure to meet you last year, dodging rain and downpours in the garden last spring! Makes me smile to remember that day! And, so glad you jumped into the blogging world! Your a natural! Hugs, and I added your name to the hat!

  3. Sadly, the Barnes + Noble in Kankakee, Illinois did not carry the Artful Blogger magazine, which means I must continue seaking — next time, in Joliet! Soon! I shall fork over the $$ to purchase said-same! I still have the issue of Country Gardens with your article! I bought the most current issue last p.m.! But I digress. You ask from where we get our inspiration? While it used to be my beloved, late great Cottage Living + Country Home magazines, I am now inspired by online sources — blogs (yours most definitely included) + Pinterest. Yes. Pinterest definitely is my #1 go-to source for inspiration!

    1. Kay, thank you for hanging out in the garden here with me. I love your visits. And, oh how I loved Cottage Living too!!! Had forgotten about that one…and I still mourn the loss of Country Home! Still have my treasured stack of those magazines. I’m a blog and Pinterest lover for sure!
      Adding your name to the hat!

  4. I may be too far away for this giveaway – but here goes anyway. I’m inspired by the great outdoors and paintings – particularly artists that use bold colours.

    1. Audrey, your name is in the hat!
      Garden tours are such fun! To be invited to walk personal-real gardens, to touch, smell and soak it in. Agree, great inspiration weather you garden or just love gardens!

  5. So much more lasting than a sharpie! I get my inspiration from the perseverance of sprouts. The tiniest little seed will sprout the spindliest little stem and how could I not do my best to help it continue on its journey into the glorious plant it wishes to become? They all start out as sprouts and from those we get everything from the most delicate basil blossoms to the most enormous sunflowers. From tasty tomatoes to tall trees.

  6. I get my inspiration from my sister. Her garden always does well. Since her husband retired last year they grow 2 or 3 times as much and give it to the senior center or the food bank. I guess that is what he wanted to do after retirement. They are a farm family. Pat

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  7. I love to go to Garden Tours and see other garden ideas. Ofcourse I’ll always have my camera handy to snap a photo, so I can remember all the beauty I see. I love your Downtoearthdigs blog…and your greenhouse. Would love to receive the Artful Blog With your article in it. I will look for it here In Iowa. Only 38 more days till spring! I’m sure you are In your greenhouse planting and transplanting! Lucky you.

    1. Thank you so much for visiting my garden and your kindness. Garden tours are such a great way to gather inspiration–so agree!
      I’m counting Spring time days too!
      Throwing your name in the hat garden friend!

  8. I am inspired this time of year with the lengthening amount of daylight and starting spring seedlings! I very much enjoy your blog, along with many others and pinterest. Thank you for taking the time to snap pictures and inspire others like myself!

    1. Ronda,
      Thank you for your kindness. Something about the starting of seed to soil–I think it may be my favorite part of gardening!
      And, I do love Pinterest! I do have some boards you may like to peek at! I’m under Down to earth digs.
      Putting your name in the hat!

  9. MRC, Maybe Matthew Raymond Chandler, a garden and mystery lover. 🙂 I hope I win the Artful Blogger, it’s a great magazine. Here, we are in snowmaggedan. I’ve never seen anything like this. And more snow is due on Thursday!!

    1. We have been cold and icy/snowy again here too. Ready to warm up soon! I love that the initials trigger a “possibility of who” to you too!
      putting your name in the hat Brenda!

  10. Where do I find inspiration you say? Bright sunlight shining in my windows, beautiful music, yummy candle burning, a great book, walking down a tree lined path or in the woods searching for what nature offers to decorate for the seasons, trying a new recipe for my friends to share, sharing gardening ideas with friends, laying on the grassy ground in the summer with granddaughters looking to the sky for artful clouds to see, building a campfire with family to share cozy time together, walking with my husband in an early morning drizzle, family get-togethers, spending – if nothing else, time with family and friends, scouting an out of the way antique shop to search for the perfect find and the bonus…chatting with the owner who shares how they found the lovely object and even how their day is going…to be inspired for sure. There isn’t a day that can go by where I can’t find something to inspire me. Each of these little events start my wheels spinning to find a new, creative idea for a new project to start. What a delight to be inspired. For when each of us are inspired, it is passed on to others around us. Just like your blog, your inspiring entries are received and shared by all your readers. It’s wonderful.

  11. Hey Satcey, I just read your article this lovely! I wish I was a writer like you and the photos as glorious as on your blog. Well done!!!! Did you get many respons for it?

    1. Thank you so much, it was a bit scary to really write for a publication….my blogging is quite simple and contains few words.
      This is a dream come true to be included with such a creative publication.
      The responses have trickled in from readers, garden friends are the best!
      Putting your name in the hat! Hugs.

    1. Thank you so much Marsha,
      Your very sweet and so happy to share the garden with you! I always tell gardeners, if you wish for a greenhouse, I wish one for you! I wished for many years, and still can hardly believe that sweet building is in my garden!
      Putting your name in the hat!

  12. Please enter me in the giveaway! I looked for Artful Blogging magazine at Michael’s and JoAnn Fabrics but couldn’t find it. I get my inspiration from gardening magazines and Pinterest. I found your blog from the article in Country Gardens magazine last year and have enjoyed it ever since! Wish I had a greenhouse like yours!
    ~ Laura

    1. Laura, Thank you for stopping by the garden. Your name is in the hat!
      Barnes & Noble does have them at most locations. You can order then directly from Stampington&Co. also.
      I’m a huge fan of Pinterest! I won’t admit how much time I spend on it! Take a peek at my boards if you like. Search Down To Earth Digs
      I’ll announce the winner on Monday!

  13. I get my inspriration from taking time away from technology, going outside and sitting still. I like to face the sun, close my eyes and breathe deeply. Sometimes I just lay in the grass and watch the blades of grass blow in the breeze. Cool post! Thanks for sharing.

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