Inspiration And A Giveaway!

A gardeners leaves their mark.
A gardeners leaves their mark.

This simple garden tool inspired my article that is in the February issue of Artful Blogging.  This small garden hoe was bought at a farm auction, and once home I noticed the initials carved into the handle.  How interesting that a gardener left their mark.

I tend.  I tend kids, critters, and a garden, and I blog about it.

Here’s the giveaway!  Leave a comment about where you get your inspiration?  I will pick one winner to receive a copy of Artful Blogging!  If you follow me and leave a comment, I’ll put your name in the garden hat twice.  I’ll announce the winner on Mon Feb 16.

About This Little Garden Blog

It arrived yesterday in the mail.  I had began to stalk the mailman, knowing I would see his car at the end of my driveway sometime around 1:30 PM.   There it was.  I tore open the plain grey plastic wrap and held my advance copy of Artful Blogging.

Feb Artful Blogging Stampington & Company
Feb Artful Blogging Stampington & Company

     Long before I began my little blog, I poured over pages of this magazine.  Filled with amazing stories about bloggers of every subject matter.  Beautifully written stories of their blogging journey, and page after page of beautiful images.

     When Managing Editor Danielle Mohler contacted me this past Fall to ask if I would write an article for this issue, I was so excited and honored.  Thank you to Stampington & Company for this opportunity to share my little garden with your readers.

     Artful Blogging can be found at Barnes & Noble, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Amazon and ordered directly from

Feb Artful Blogging

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