Accidents Happen

Accidents Happen

A couple years ago,  I discovered I loved leeks.

Yesterday, I bumped my tray of leek seedlings.

I will be starting over.

I will not be denied my potato leek soup!

11 thoughts on “Accidents Happen

  1. I love leeks but Mr MBaF doesn’t, so I won’t devote lotti space to them until he’s converted. How did you make your discovery??

    Do you grow them in a manurey trench? I got absolute gigantic ones when I did that.

    1. I try to add a new ‘vegetable’ each year, Leeks was my ‘try it, you might like it’ vegetable. Well, I did! Your right, my hubby not so crazy, and only a couple kids were interested. I was surprised how tender they cook up.
      My raised beds have quite a bit of organic compost added each fall, then I top it off in the spring….I just plant them in fairly deep row, pull the soil up as they grow. May have to explore getting them to grow a bit larger…does the flavor change as they get larger?
      Thanks for your growing tip!

  2. You know what else is good? Leek and mushroom pie. Sooooo good.

    I hate knocking over seed trays. 😦

  3. Oh drats (or as spellcheck would have me proclaim, ‘darts’, LOL) Your photographs are so nice Stacey, only you could make them look so poetic. Giddy up and start again, no doubt your magic greenhouse will smother you in leek yields soon enough. x K

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