Accidents Happen

Accidents Happen

A couple years ago,  I discovered I loved leeks.

Yesterday, I bumped my tray of leek seedlings.

I will be starting over.

I will not be denied my potato leek soup!



I had never grown Leeks until a few years ago.
It was my “try a new vegetable” in the garden.
I start them from seed, and they slowly sprout thin green sprigs.
I transplant them to the garden as soon as the frost danger is over.
Carefully water them to keep them from drying out before the roots can take hold.
When you tend them in the garden, gently bring the soil up onto the base of the Leeks. This will force more of the white portion of the Leek to grow taller.
Harvest and enjoy!
I would recommend Leek Soup!
I also sliced up the Leeks and dried it in the dehydrator.
Store in sealed jar and use for soups and stews all year long.

Lovely Leeks

The little, tiny Leek seeds were started in the warm greenhouse in Wintery March.

I transplanted out thin blades of seedlings– in May.

I was sure they would wither away in the intense heat of this Summer.

To my surprise, they grew.

Potato Leek Soup for dinner.