My carefully tended tomato plants are ready for planting.

This basket from last season holds many of my favorite heirlooms.

Ananas Noir, Emerald Evergreen, Creme Brule, Ferris Wheel, Chocolate and more!

These are the gems of my kitchen garden.

3 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. Oh my goodness, but those tomatoes from last season look incredible! This is the first year in decades that i’m not planting any tomatoes. We just can’t afford the water during our drought. I will continue to buy from our local farmers, and should have some wonderful tomatoes on our table, but it sure is a disappointment. I look forward to seeing your wonderful bounty as we move through the growing season.

  2. What a feast you have in your future 😀 I’ve never heard of chocolate tomato’s. Do they taste like chocolate or are they just the colour of chocolate?

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