Flower Child



This past June our daughter Laura was married to Drew in a lovely wedding ceremony.

The weather was beautiful and the day filled with family and friends enjoying the ceremony location.

She wanted lots of flowers and a big, colorful bouquet to carry.

This was not surprise to us.

You see, this girl spent the first 3 months of her life at our flower shop.

The sights and smells of fresh flowers filled her first days as a newborn baby.

She sat in a baby seat on the design table and napped next to the blooming plants in her bassinet.

Her bottles were tucked next to buckets of flowers in the cooler.

It was a labor of love to make my flower child’s wedding bouquet.

Yes, I was up until 3 AM!

22 thoughts on “Flower Child

  1. How lovely! Both the bouquet and the first three months of your daughter’s life filled with beautiful scents and colors. Lucky girl.

  2. That’s got to be the most beautiful bouquet I’ve ever seen, and filled with all the flowers I love. You did a fantastic job

    1. Thank you Audrey, what a busy and joyful event weddings are! Still recovering!
      And must say though we grew flowers to use, we bought everything from Koehler Dramm Wholesale in Mpls. I’m lucky to have an account there and a dear friend who is a salesman….Eric and I spent 5 hours selecting 3 carts of fresh flowers to use for the wedding. Laura gave me some guidelines but her Dad and I made all the selections.

  3. The bouquet is so beautiful! The pictures are wonderful and I love the story about her first 3 months!

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