Think Happy Thoughts


I missed National Floral Design Day this weekend.

Even though I was a floral designer for, well, let’s just say many years….

I never heard of it before….or even celebrated it!

So in honor of this holiday…I’m posting these pretty bouquets that I designed for my daughter and her so, so pretty flower girl.

How lovely they looked standing among the confetti of the Catalpa Tree this past summer.

Flower Child



This past June our daughter Laura was married to Drew in a lovely wedding ceremony.

The weather was beautiful and the day filled with family and friends enjoying the ceremony location.

She wanted lots of flowers and a big, colorful bouquet to carry.

This was not surprise to us.

You see, this girl spent the first 3 months of her life at our flower shop.

The sights and smells of fresh flowers filled her first days as a newborn baby.

She sat in a baby seat on the design table and napped next to the blooming plants in her bassinet.

Her bottles were tucked next to buckets of flowers in the cooler.

It was a labor of love to make my flower child’s wedding bouquet.

Yes, I was up until 3 AM!

The Background

The Background

The Alter.

June 20 on a beautiful Saturday, our daughter Laura married Drew.

The details were months in making.

After years of making wedding bouquets for brides, I created flowers for one of my own.

This is were they said their vows to each other.



In one week we will gather lots of family and friends for a wedding.

Every minute of each day is filled with preparations.

Some of the very flowers growing here around the garden will be used at the event.

I can’t wait to share it with all of my garden friends here on Down To Earth Digs.

You may find sneak peeks on my Instagram @Downtoearthdigs