Autumns Light

Autumn Light

I’m never ready for summers departure.

Fall is here whether I’m ready or not.

Autumn does bring beautiful light to take images here in the garden.

The humble clover is as pretty as a rose in this morning light.

6 thoughts on “Autumns Light

  1. Stacey……. I so look forward to your posts! The images are incredibly beautiful and peaceful and I love your comments, short and to the point….on spot perfect. Your blog inspires me to go out to my garden and try to make it as remarkable as yours. Thanks…..a fun and welcome respite! Please keep those images and comments coming.

    1. Catherine, thank you for taking the time to leave such a sweet comment. You certainly have inspired me to capture my garden and continue to share it.
      I printed off you comment and placed in on my desk—to help inspired some fresh posts as we leave another garden season.
      Hugs garden friend!

  2. I am always torn about the departure of summer, but I so love the fall and the beauty of it all. I love your pictures. Already planning for next Spring. I keep a journal of what works and what doesn’t and what I want to change.

    1. Becky, I love written garden journals too, I still jot down seed information and what did and didn’t work.
      In my head I have completely revamped the vegetable garden plan for next year! It’s so great to pour over the seed catalogs while winter is heavy in the garden and plan those warm summer days doing garden chores. Thank you for sharing your garden loves with me. Stacey

  3. I know what you mean. While emptying annual pots, I was thinking that it seemed like I had only just planted them. I still have to railing hanging baskets that I’ve left as they are beautiful and still very showy. In fact, the Alyssum and Lobelia looks better than it did all summer. That darn heat made everything dry and wilted most days.

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