Just One Little Trip To The Feed Store


When we began the ‘living in the country’ adventure.

My vision included chickens and ducks.

Mama Duck had 11 little ducklings and they were the cutest little critters to watch grow up!

We don’t have ducks anymore….I won’t disturb you with the reason.

The sign at the Feed Store, reads:

“It’s chick and duckling season”!

You hear them the minute you enter the door.

The glow of heat lamps hanging over galvanized tubs of fuzzy little feathered sweetness.

How to resist?

Today I did, but I’m not promising that I can next time!

10 thoughts on “Just One Little Trip To The Feed Store

  1. It is hard to resist those cute little birds and little animals. We have tried to raise several things out here in the country and it never seems to work. So – we resist the temptation to buy and try to raise anything anymore. This is a beautiful picture, thank you for sharing.

    1. I’m trying to resist too! This is the first winter since living here, that I haven’t had the ducks and chickens. Not going to lie, I don’t miss the challenge of keeping them warm, fed and SAFE from harm.
      I’m thinking about raising a couple of Mallard Ducks again, we enjoyed raising them and then they went off to the big world. They even came back and visited us a few times.

      A horse, mini donkey, 5 dogs, 3 cats keep me busy enough!

      1. My, you have quite a few critters left to take care of. Our last dog a few years ago was a Corgie – Our 3 acres is fenced, but the coyotes would dig under and get in the yard. We are pretty sure the coyotes got our dog one night. They ate our turkeys, even though we tried to protect them at night. Lost a lot of chickens. Saw coyotes in the yard in the daytime. We finally gave up on trying to proctect animals. Can’t win. Glad your Mallard Ducks came back to visit a few times.

    1. This was 1 week from hatching. Mama Duck waddled the babies from the duck house to the little pond in the yard with the Papa Ducks bringing up the rear. It was the sweetest thing ever! We watched her tend them in the water for 2 hours, then gather them back up for the walk back to the house.
      The cats were circling the yard and I sat watch to make sure they were safe back inside. That was my days for several weeks, until the ducklings gained some size.
      How attentive the parents were.
      It was such a great memory.

  2. I’ve always hankered to have Buff Orpingtons, but reality is, unless I caged them in Ft. Knox, they wouldn’t last long with all the predators lurking in our woods. Your photo is delightful!

  3. It’s a good thing there’s no shop near me that sells ducklings… I would end up as a duck hoarder for sure. I’ve nowhere to keep them now but I’m hoping when we move to our own smallholding I’ll be able to fulfil my duck dreams!

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