Who Can’t Wait?


The snow has melted enough to uncover grass and ground.

The edges of the raised beds are visible after months of snow cover.

I’m born and raised in Minnesota, so I do know that winter is far from over.

That doesn’t stop me from enjoying the few days,

that the melting sunshine brings the hint of spring to the garden.

27 days to spring!

14 thoughts on “Who Can’t Wait?

  1. We had ‘Spring’ these last few days, but I know that’s just a tease. Still, as I gazed out at our muddy, barren back yard just now, I tried to envision it in its future state, after a lot of work was done!

  2. Our weather sure can’t wait. 70s every day for nearly three weeks now. The flowers are going and the mosquitoes have already woken up. After such a mild winter, I’m concerned the bugs this summer may return enjoy masse…

    1. Yes, I wonder how bad the bugs will be? Last year we had such cold, below normal most of the winter….it was one of the worst years for insects in my garden. Don’t seem to know what to expect!
      Enjoy the balmy weather.

      1. Someone said the ground hog died, so I guess he has no say in what the weather does anymore. I always thought the ground hog thing was silly anyway. I am sure MN is not done with winter.

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