The Situation


Little critters moved into the greenhouse this winter.

Despite several attempts at location and eviction notices,

I couldn’t get more then a glimpse of the squatters.

Yes, I ran from the greenhouse with a few small screams, more then once!

Several times I brought in reinforcements.

My cats just lounged and cleaned their paws.

Last Saturday, the sun warmed to near 50 degrees and I announced it was ‘the day’,

I was going to find that mouse!

I bravely–stood on the little stool and poked at everything with a garden hoe.

Nothing moved, nothing scurried, no mouse.

Until I opened my toolbox!

How dare they–yes, they–take up residence in my toolbox!

Waiting for the next warm day to decontaminate EVERYTHING.

10 thoughts on “The Situation

    1. Did you know that a mouse can squeeze into a hole 1/4″ in diameter? They were little field mice! Yuk!
      All gone–for now! When you live in the country, mice our part of life.

      1. I didn’t know that it was quite that small! We used to get them in the car in winter growing up. Thankfully they’re more afraid of any human than a human might be of them.

  1. I experience a critter in my potting shed too. A baby squirrel hidden away in the rafters. What a mess!! Hubby took it to the field to let it go. Yes massive cleanup.

  2. I hate mice, too. I would not even be poking around for it. I’m glad you found where he was camping out. I was not aware they could enter through a space quite that small. We have had them in our basement (mostly), until we redid our basement recently and found major points of entry. No mice thus far…

  3. Mice are great little creatures , disturbed a female with her young last year and she came and removed every one and found another home for them. If they are in the house then that’s a different matter.

    1. Today I was in my 2nd smaller greenhouse gathering some planting containers, and yes, the mice have moved into that greenhouse now! I’m waging war and taking back my territory!

  4. They were mice that appreciate order, your tool kit is so neat! Glad you got rid of the pesky varmints in any case…

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