Think Happy Thoughts


I missed National Floral Design Day this weekend.

Even though I was a floral designer for, well, let’s just say many years….

I never heard of it before….or even celebrated it!

So in honor of this holiday…I’m posting these pretty bouquets that I designed for my daughter and her so, so pretty flower girl.

How lovely they looked standing among the confetti of the Catalpa Tree this past summer.

15 thoughts on “Think Happy Thoughts

    1. Isn’t she just the cutest? The bride was a flower girl in her parents wedding when she was about the same age.
      Love that little connection between the two.
      She had two little gold Bee pins tucked into her hair! Perfect for a ‘flower girl’!

    1. Thank you Audrey, Laura wanted lots of flowers and of coarse June was the perfect month for that. November lends itself to more issues with flowers….cold, snow, freezing temperatures….all ready stresses me out!

  1. So pretty and natural, glad you do not belong to the flower torturing brigade of florists who stick pins in roses and wrestle flowers into contorted positions

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