Transform Shed Into Play or Garden House

Thank you to Old Village Paint for sharing the story of our little garden shed, Rabbit Run Cottage! So fun to look back!

Old Village Paint

I ran across this wonderful transformation story of an old ugly shed that became a beautiful playhouse, and thought you guys would enjoy seeing it.


You really should visit the blog Down To Earth Digs  and read the story of this playhouse, that eventually grew up into an adorable garden shed once her owner was a bit too old for a playhouse.

My two daughters have been begging for a playhouse, and I’m wondering if I could ask around the neighborhood, or on Craigslist, and see if I could find a shed to transform, instead of beginning from scratch.

Do you need a playhouse or garden shed?


Start dreaming about your outdoor space!  Choose a color scheme that matches or compliments your current paint scheme on your home.   Our acrylic paints are outdoor safe, and can withstand many, many years of sun, rain, ice and wind!  Happy dreaming!

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