Must Be Allergies



I’m itching to get into the garden.

It will be weeks before plants and seeds can be dropped into the raised beds,

but getting the beds ready with new compost and some new mulch around the kitchen garden can happen just as soon as it stops snowing!

The greenhouse needs new paint and some repairs this spring,

Rabbit Run Cottage is changing it’s colors this year,

and the empty chicken coop is going to undergo some changes.

I am opening up the little garden to a few Garden Club tours this summer,

so the pressure is on!

6 thoughts on “Must Be Allergies

    1. Yesterday I couldn’t take it any longer, put on winter coat, hat, gloves and worked the raised beds and dug up weeds. The sun was out, but the wind was relentless. Anything to just get outdoors!
      Hugs Eliza!

      1. I hear ya! It was windy in the 30s yesterday, but I, too, went out just to be out and getting things done. Despite the runny nose, the cool weather sure beats summer heat for doing the heavy work!

  1. Beautiful photo of the garden. Hope that you can get out and about, before long, to start the growing season. Allergies are something here in Arkansas right now with high winds and tree pollens and mold. Perhaps all the snow will go away soon.

    1. Yesterday the sun was out but the temperatures hovered below freezing all day! Weather man promises a return to normal and above this next week!
      April is such a fickle month!
      Do you have lots of color and blooms all ready in your area?

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