Tree Hugger


“How high will the Sycamore grow?” from the song Colors Of The Wind.

They will grow pretty high!

American Sycamores grow in zone 4-9

This is a fast growing tree, up to 6 feet per year.

Mature height of 70 feet, with a width of  50 feet.

Adaptable to most soil conditions.

Golden leaves in the Fall and beautiful bark for winter interest.

In a few weeks, loggers will be on our property harvesting some mature Walnut Trees.

The trees are aged (not that there’s anything wrong with some age!) but are beginning to decline and are to close to our home.

The chemical that Walnut Trees emit, Juglone, is having negative effects on other trees and plants in our yard and garden.

Seeking a fast growing shade tree, I remembered the beautiful American Sycamores that I admired out East this past Summer.

I hope to plant a few of these stunning trees.

2 thoughts on “Tree Hugger

  1. I do enjoy the trunks of the sycamores along our river (I assume they enjoy ample moisture). The largest one east of the Mississippi is only 20 minutes away from us along the CT River. It is one big grandaddy of a tree!

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