My Plate Is Full


The garden is full of tomatoes, peppers, root vegetables and herbs.

Visit my Instagram @Downtoearthdigs for more images of life in the garden.

5 thoughts on “My Plate Is Full

  1. Hi Stacey,

    I was so sorry to read about the loss of your child. It is heartbreaking that anyone has this experience.

    Becky Martinson

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    1. Becky, this Blog post is a re-blog from my cousins Blog. Amy’s son died from an overdose and she has been learning to ‘live’ with her grief with the help from her family, friends, photography and her garden. She is an inspiration to me.
      I can only imagine her pain. She writes about it with raw honesty.
      Thank you for reaching out, and If you would like to, you can leave a message on Amy’s Blog.

  2. Very nice harvest! We’ve had a horrible summer so far in the UK that I only got two red larger Tomatoes just two days ago and the cherry varieties are so small this year! Bees have been in hiding and we are only seeing them on very sunny days besides the bumble bees …. well I will soon have the polytunnel covered so will look forward to winter salads and greens.

    You’re also quite lucky with how many followers you have! you create a post with a couple of photos and get almost 20 likes, I research, write and take / upload photo’s and for an article I wrote and spent 1 or more hour on, perhaps I would have one like if lucky? it’s weird though because before when I first started I often got up to 6 bloggers liking my posts, now hardly any? Have you noticed the same in any way? has WordPress changed their algorithms at all ?

    Jeff 🙂

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