Behind The Scenes

I recently visited Xel Ha, a natural ecological aquarium and tropical lagoon.

Located on the Caribbean Coast of the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Xel Ha means ‘birthplace of water’ and we snorkeled and  explored cenotes, caves, and lagoons fed by the ocean.

The day and experience left us in tired and in awe of the sights and beauty of this part of our world.

The end of the day finished with a stop at the plant nursery that supports their mission as an ecological park.

I look forward to sharing more of this special place that included an Apiary that houses melipona Bees, that are stingless.



2 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes

    1. 2nd trip for us! We fell in love with snorkeling our last trip and even more so now! I’m not even a swimmer and absolutely love it. Xel ha was just amazing and we snorkeled and swam for nearly 5 miles that day (not all at once!) We then spent the day at Cozumel and that couldn’t have been more amazing! Crystal clear water and reefs full of fish, coral and sea life. No life jacket even needed as you are very buoyant in the salt water. I’m working on getting back to midwest life and weather!
      Do it and I highly recommend Play de carmen! Feel free to email me if you need a resort suggestion or have questions-not an expert, but it’s good to share experiences.

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