The Garden Anchors

The lesson I have throughly learnt,

and wish to pass on to others,

is to know the enduring happiness

that the love of a garden gives.

Gertrude Jekyll

FullSizeRender (2)

Two days of sunshine and warm temperatures helped me make progress on the painting and staining of the greenhouse and Rabbit Run Cottage-potting shed.

So much more to do and finish, but waiting for spring to return.  It’s hard to paint in a winter coat and gloves!

I’m happy with the changes and can’t wait for the plants and flowers to fill in the canvas.



5 thoughts on “The Garden Anchors

  1. I mowed the lawn in a winter coat + stocking cap earlier today — good times! Tell me about the terra cotta pots (I think?) that you have at the gable peak of your black shed. Are they terra cotta pots? Are they a dovecote?

    1. I thought I would get back outside today, but it actually got colder! I used 10, 4 inch clay pots, and just screwed them into place from top to bottom. I used a washer to keep the screw from going through the hole. It’s my version of a Dovecote! I’m hoping a bird actually nests in them!
      I’m considering placing an espalier tree on this east facing side of the potting shed. ????
      Hope we both can ditch the winter gear very soon!


      1. Have you thought more about the espalier tree? I supposed you would train one yourself, rather than spend $ big money at the garden center.

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