Tiger Eye Sumac

As we enter autumn in the garden, the Tiger Eye Sumac foliage becomes the  star.

I would so love to grow a Japanese Maple, but sadly it would not survive a zone 4 winter.

The Tiger Eye gives me an interesting shape in the garden and the burst of bright color at the end of the season.



4 thoughts on “Tiger Eye Sumac

    1. I know that many gardeners fear it spreading, but I have not had that issue at all with this Tiger Eye. I will see an occasional root sprout, but they easily pull up and can be removed. I would recommend them! Thank you so much for visiting the garden!

    2. oops, sorry I didn’t reply sooner! No, I don’t have any issues with it spreading-though I know many gardeners say that is a concern. If I do see an occasional sprout they pull up very easily. I lost one branch last year and was very sad about that. We have had some rough winters around here and we sure have plummeted into the below normal temps very early here again! For this warm and sun lover–I’m struggling!

  1. Lovely – the tree, the scene and the shot. I like the wild Sumacs too. My acer died in the summer when I was travelling (I was gone a while and it was in a pot, but I was quite shocked).

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