I love Foxgloves!  My zone 4 garden is not always kind to these plants, they often die off from harsh winter temps, but I keep trying.  Even if I can only grow them as annuals, they add such color and charm to the garden.

8 thoughts on “Foxgloves

  1. Oh wow! I came here from an old link you left on Jeri Lander’s YouTube page, and I’m THRILLED to find a gardener in a zone 4 like me! It’s so hard to find others doing cottage style in tense cold climates. Our snow just melted, and I’m dying for green. Off to explore more!

  2. I came here from Jeri Lander’s YouTube site where you left your link years ago! And what a delight that you are in zone4 like me!!!! So many of these lovely cottage gardens are in warmer climates. Our snow finally melted and I’m anxious for green. Off to explore your site!

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