I love Foxgloves!  My zone 4 garden is not always kind to these plants, they often die off from harsh winter temps, but I keep trying.  Even if I can only grow them as annuals, they add such color and charm to the garden.

Who Can’t Wait?


The snow has melted enough to uncover grass and ground.

The edges of the raised beds are visible after months of snow cover.

I’m born and raised in Minnesota, so I do know that winter is far from over.

That doesn’t stop me from enjoying the few days,

that the melting sunshine brings the hint of spring to the garden.

27 days to spring!


It’s possible to block out the very cold temperatures if you began the process of planning the garden!

Several years ago I started documenting my favorite varieties with images.

Colors so vibrant you can almost smell and taste them.

If your looking for a flavorful and highly productive variety;

Here is one of my recommendations.

Heirloom Woodle Orange


This orange is nearly perfectly round and is wonderful sliced.

Small seeds and a fruit that holds together.

5 stars and a thumbs up!

Add this to your list.



I used Ammi or False Queen Anne’s Lace

in my daughter’s bridal flowers this summer.

The delicate flower is on my list to grow next year.

The variety is called Dara.

It was a wonderful cut flower with beautiful shades of cream to chocolate.

This flower is actually an ornamental carrot!

Who Needs Coffee!

Who Needs Coffee!

2 years ago I had great success with my little crop of celosia.  Started from seed in the greenhouse, it struggled to take off and I lost even more when I planted it into The Pickery.  I didn’t give up and with plenty of watering was able to encourage several large heads to form.  What a spectacular color burst in the garden.

Last years crop was a dismal failure, with stems barely reaching 2 feet tall.  What flowers did form were very small.       Digging back in the archived images from the garden reminded me that I should give these a try–again!

Seed To Soil

Seed To Soil

In just a few short weeks, I will start trays of seeds for the next garden season.

This process may just be my favorite part of gardening.  The greenhouse is warm and moisture covers the inside glass, giving almost a watercolor effect to the snowy landscape outside.

Quiet days, filling pots and trays of herbs, vegetables and flowers.

I fill the greenhouse from top to bottom, enough for me, and plenty to offer in a little “Extra Sale”

This year I will also be growing flowers and herbs that will be used in our daughters wedding.



I had never grown Leeks until a few years ago.
It was my “try a new vegetable” in the garden.
I start them from seed, and they slowly sprout thin green sprigs.
I transplant them to the garden as soon as the frost danger is over.
Carefully water them to keep them from drying out before the roots can take hold.
When you tend them in the garden, gently bring the soil up onto the base of the Leeks. This will force more of the white portion of the Leek to grow taller.
Harvest and enjoy!
I would recommend Leek Soup!
I also sliced up the Leeks and dried it in the dehydrator.
Store in sealed jar and use for soups and stews all year long.