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It arrived yesterday in the mail.  I had began to stalk the mailman, knowing I would see his car at the end of my driveway sometime around 1:30 PM.   There it was.  I tore open the plain grey plastic wrap and held my advance copy of Artful Blogging.

Feb Artful Blogging Stampington & Company
Feb Artful Blogging Stampington & Company

     Long before I began my little blog, I poured over pages of this magazine.  Filled with amazing stories about bloggers of every subject matter.  Beautifully written stories of their blogging journey, and page after page of beautiful images.

     When Managing Editor Danielle Mohler contacted me this past Fall to ask if I would write an article for this issue, I was so excited and honored.  Thank you to Stampington & Company for this opportunity to share my little garden with your readers.

     Artful Blogging can be found at Barnes & Noble, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Amazon and ordered directly from http://www.stampington.com/artful.blogging

Feb Artful Blogging

 Pinch me!

30 thoughts on “About This Little Garden Blog

    1. Thank you Brenda, I love Artful Blogging too! It’s always full of tons of photographs and I love the peek into how bloggers work, create…
      It was the publication that really made me think I could start a blog. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Eliza, feeling very blessed.
      I think it’s a publication you would enjoy, full of photographs and inspiration.
      I have a stack of old issues, they are more like a book that I go back too,

  1. Hi Stacey, just wanted to say congrats, Been following your blog for a while now. It is so wonderful, all the things you do in your garden. My little snips are working out just beautifully, I use them for herbs only and are light enough to wear on a lanyard. This way I don’t misplace them…sometimes when I set them down I don’t often remember where!! A copy of Artful Blogging is at the top of my to get list.

    1. Thank you so much for your kindness, visiting the garden and sooo glad you enjoy those little herb snips. I lose mine all the time and I love your idea to put them on a lanyard. Brilliant!
      Please let me know what you think of the article. It was fun to write–funny because I don’t really “write” much on each blog entry…I just hope it’s a quick stop, like stopping by to peek over the garden fence and see what’s new.
      I hope to keep the blog as fresh and new as possible over this next garden season. Thank you again garden friend,

    1. Thank you Audrey!
      I think it’s a publication you would enjoy. It is a range of many types of blogs that is featured. It’s so fun to discover a new blog, or an artist.
      My other favorite publication they produce is “Where Women Create” a look into creative studio spaces. They are great go to books for inspiration.
      Let me know what you think, I value your opinion!

  2. Oh, ANOTHER publication! That’s so flippin’ awesome Stacey! Congratulations my dear! It’s one I buy every month and I can’t wait to read your article. You’re really getting to share your garden with so many, how divine! I love all the photography and stories. I just gobble it up. Exciting!!

    1. You are the best! Always supportive and I am so glad to call you my garden friend.
      Artful Blogging is always packed with inspiring blogs and amazing photos.
      Let me know what you think when you get a peek at it.

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