From a life lived long ago

From a life lived long ago

These two wheels, from an old piece of farm equipment, were among the 14,000 lbs of scrap metal we found and recycled from our property when we moved here.
I rolled these wheels up to the back corner of our property to serve as a trellis for Bittersweet. For most of the Summer it remains hidden from view by the trees and prairie grasses.
Then as we enter Autumn, it comes into view.
A reminder of the past.

Meet Helen

Helen is wearing lovely feathers in Autumn shades.

She enjoys free ranging in the garden, and hanging out with her friends.

Her platform is:  Eggs, they taste good!

I am…Helen the chicken!
Miss Congeniality


The End

This is the last of the Heirloom tomatoes.

They have been safely finishing their ripening in the greenhouse.

I will have a salad for lunch, do the last of the seed saving, and roast a few more tomatoes for Winter enjoyment.