They All Fall Down

They All Fall Down

Seed Saving

Gathering all the saved seeds and storing them for next Spring.

Canning jars work great for keeping seeds save and dry.

Find a cool spot to place them until planting time.

Label and date so you use the oldest seeds first.

Sometimes I’m lazy about that part!

Dwarf Grey Peas-Heirloom
Dwarf Grey Peas-Heirloom

Garden Called

The warming sunshine called me into the garden today.

Cold and rain has kept me indoors and garden clean up has been on hold.

Today I spent time cleaning flower and vegetable beds.

I made myself a centerpiece to enjoy for a little tea break.

A pit stop before the compost pile.

Faded beauty.
Faded beauty.

Nature Walk

Nature Walk

A quick walk through the woods to enjoy the morning sunshine and calm winds.
What interesting things become visible as the leaves drop.
October will leave us soon. It went far to quickly.