I Like My Pink Bright


Celosia doesn’t disappoint!

Who Needs Coffee!

Who Needs Coffee!

2 years ago I had great success with my little crop of celosia.  Started from seed in the greenhouse, it struggled to take off and I lost even more when I planted it into The Pickery.  I didn’t give up and with plenty of watering was able to encourage several large heads to form.  What a spectacular color burst in the garden.

Last years crop was a dismal failure, with stems barely reaching 2 feet tall.  What flowers did form were very small.       Digging back in the archived images from the garden reminded me that I should give these a try–again!

Full Circle

Full Circle

The Celosia grown in the garden, dried in the greenhouse, and turned into a stunning wreath to brighten up the Winter backdrop.
This wreath will stay up through most of the Winter.  It’s like a cup of coffee for my eyes!

The Pickery

The Pickery provided beautiful cut flowers

through most of the Summer.

The Celosia was quite a splash of color this year!

It was worth the effort to grow.

A beautiful bundle of velvety Celosia!

Warning–Shocking Photos

Shocking Pink!

The celosia was a tough flower for me this year.

With nearly 50 little plants started in the greenhouse,

I struggled to get roots to form.

Once in the ground in The Pickery, I lost even more in the heat.

Only 10 or so flowers bloomed–but oh my…

Look at this shocking pink flower.

You may need your shades to view these beauties!