I Like My Pink Bright


Celosia doesn’t disappoint!



I used Ammi or False Queen Anne’s Lace

in my daughter’s bridal flowers this summer.

The delicate flower is on my list to grow next year.

The variety is called Dara.

It was a wonderful cut flower with beautiful shades of cream to chocolate.

This flower is actually an ornamental carrot!



No summer would be complete without some Zinnia’s in the garden or on my table.

Though my house is under construction, I’m still bringing in flowers for the table.

I’m in love with the morning light in my new dining room.

The Pickery

The Pickery provided beautiful cut flowers

through most of the Summer.

The Celosia was quite a splash of color this year!

It was worth the effort to grow.

A beautiful bundle of velvety Celosia!