Come Sail Away

Come Sail Away

I hinted a few days ago about an addition to the garden pond.
Some scrap wood, old spindles for the mast, and vintage grain sack sails.
I think they look quite nice bobbing in the water.

New And Improved

New And Improved

The new and improved garden pond!
Shallow edges making the pond more visible from around the garden.
Tumbled rock to line the pond, with field stones and limestone used in the waterfall and edges.
New areas of the garden have opened up to more work and opportunities.
I’m planting in with lots of starter perennials and sneaking plants from one area of the garden to another.
A friend offered some of her ferns and I can’t wait to go get them for the newest shade area of the garden.
A frog has moved in all ready and is happily croaking, but I have yet to spy him.
Working on a little surprise for the pond.
Any guesses?

We are calling it–The Pond Project

We are calling it--The Pond Project

Last September I had the wonderful opportunity to visit and work with Country Gardens Magazine, in the Better Homes and Gardens Test Garden.
We were in awe of the perfectly groomed gardens, and were inspired to rework the pond in our own garden.
The tear down has begun, and my garden is quite a sight right now.
Can’t wait to start putting things together.

The Little Garden Pond

The Little Garden Pond

We do have a little garden pond.
It’s quite small, but the sound of a water feature in a garden can make a big impact.
So soothing during quiet evenings around the fire pit.
We would like to make changes to it this year, as we have learned more about maintaining a pond.
One of the biggest challenges is keeping the ducks out of it!
Last year I relinquished it to the baby ducklings, but this year I plan to impose the “no ducks allowed” rule.

How quickly they grow up!


My kids snuggling the ducklings!
My kids snuggling the ducklings!

How quickly they grow up!

The ducklings are growing quickly and tiny feathers are growing in.
Mama Duck is still attentive and keeping track of all of them.
The routine of ducks out, dogs in has been added to my list of garden chores.

Duck Walk

It was a big day for the ducklings in the garden!

1 week ago Mama Duck hatched–11 ducklings.

She has been an incredible Mama Duck, keeping her ducklings happy and hidden in the duck house.

Papa Ducks have been guarding the exterior of the nursery.

As the late afternoon sun was cooling a bit,

Mama Duck brought her family to the big outside world for the first time!

1st day of the real world!
1st day of the real world!
I was a nervous wreck watching, but Mama Duck was in complete control.
I swear she counts them!

The ducklings and Mama swam, ate bugs, and snoozed on the pond edge.
The ducklings and Mama swam, ate bugs, and snoozed on the pond edge.

We all settled in and kept a careful eye on our latest additions to the garden.

Kitties lurked about and Papa Ducks alerted the young ones.

When the ducklings finally made their way back to the duck house, I breathed a sign of relief.

Locked in and safe for the night!  Can’t wait for day 2 of duckling school.