Hanging On By A Thread


Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart.

-victor Hugo

Inspiration And A Giveaway!

A gardeners leaves their mark.
A gardeners leaves their mark.

This simple garden tool inspired my article that is in the February issue of Artful Blogging.  This small garden hoe was bought at a farm auction, and once home I noticed the initials carved into the handle.  How interesting that a gardener left their mark.

I tend.  I tend kids, critters, and a garden, and I blog about it.

Here’s the giveaway!  Leave a comment about where you get your inspiration?  I will pick one winner to receive a copy of Artful Blogging!  If you follow me and leave a comment, I’ll put your name in the garden hat twice.  I’ll announce the winner on Mon Feb 16.

Gardening Gifts

Little herb snips make the perfect little stocking stuffer, for your garden friends!

I use these snips in my own greenhouse and garden, and a pair in the kitchen.

I restocked my little Etsy store!

Each little snip ordered will be tucked into a little linen gift bag if you mention you read it here!


Garden Snips

Treasured Trugs

These two nesting trugs were a gift over 20 years ago.

I owned a floral shop at the time, and a customer walked in one day and presented them to me.

He was a quiet, elderly man.

Gardening was becoming to hard for him.

He wanted them to go to a good home.

I have done just that.


Time Is Up

Put down your tools!

It’s the Waseca Garden Club Annual Garden Walk.

Today I am one of 7 gardens that you will be available to enjoy.

Of coarse I will report back the events of the afternoon!

Wish me luck!

Time Is Up

I Wonder

I wonder who owned this old garden tool?

Who carefully carved their initials into the wooden handle?

I know how attached I get to certain garden tools.

Perhaps I should leave my initials on my tools for some future gardener to wonder.

A gardeners leaves their mark.
A gardener leaves their mark.