Heirloom Garden Tools

Heirloom Garden Tools

A most generous gift from my cousin John.  I am so thrilled to have these hand forged tools to work my garden.
The smell of iron and coal, the sound of the hammer ringing off the anvil. The feel of pushing around steel as though it was just so much clay. Looking at a piece of scrap metal through my Mind’s Eye, and then molding it into form. There has always been and will always be a treasure trove of excitement to the senses for me in the Blacksmith Shop.”
John Weichert-Blacksmith
Red Bear Originals

Piled High

Piled High

Winter has been an experience this season.
Morning chores to feed a horse, donkey, chickens and ducks, met me with a calm 30 degree temperature.
It feels warm, it feels like the cold has broken, it feels like Spring will come!
The snowdrifts are deep and covering everything. To get to the greenhouse I have to circle around to the back gate.
But the trudging is worth it!
A sanctuary just waiting to be filled with seedlings and plants.
It truly is my happy place.

Herb Snips

Herb Snips

Do you have a garden tool you could not live without?
I use these little Herb snips for more than just tending the Herbs.
They are the perfect tool to deadhead the flowers.
When tying up the tomatoes or other plants on the wild side, they are handy to tuck into the top of the twine roll.
I stocked my little Etsy garden store with a few more of these little snips.

Farmers Market–Please No Plastic!

I needed reusable, washable bags to carry to the Farmers Market.

Something to tuck vegetables or a loaf of homemade bread into.

This small linen towel folded in half and stitched on both sides, makes the perfect bag.
This small linen towel folded in half and stitched on both sides, makes the perfect bag.

I threaded a cotton string through the all ready existing casing, now at the top of the bag.

Farmers Market-No Plastic Please!

Your new little bag can be tossed into the washing machine.

Good for the environment and so much cuter to carry!

Farmer's Market-No Plastic Please

You can use vintage towels for this project, or purchase new towels to stitch up these bags.


Time to tie up the tomatoes

Time to tie up the tomatoes

Tools for the trade!
Heirloom tomato plants grow up big and tall.
Heavy duty cages are needed and staking will help the plants from falling over.
I use jute string to tie up stalks that want to escape captivity.
The plants are getting heavy with tomatoes!