Rosie’s new friend

Rosie's new friend

Rosie curled up with Great Niece Keanna, after all the Halloween Party fun.
Rosie even got a glow necklace for the party!
Can’t wait till next year!

A girl and a horse

Once a week Lucy has been riding, and she has bonded with this horse,


Flame is quiet and reliable–perfect for a new rider.

Working on the deal…and Rocky might come with.

He is tall, dark, and overweight.

We do not judge!

First photo taken with my “new”–hand me down phone from my husband.

This is going to be very handy!

Under consideration

Garden, chickens, horse, 1 black sheep…

This was my wish list for country living…



Horse–getting ready!

1 black sheep–I have my reasons!

Lucy taking riding lessons!