Under consideration

Garden, chickens, horse, 1 black sheep…

This was my wish list for country living…



Horse–getting ready!

1 black sheep–I have my reasons!

Lucy taking riding lessons!

5 thoughts on “Under consideration

  1. Ahhh, the Pony in my Backyard wish! I remember that one…
    Just remember that horses and sheep are herd animals – they don’t do well without companionship. I don’t have any personal experience with sheep, but a goat makes an acceptable companion for a horse, for some reason.

    1. Hubby and I both grew up with horses, I can’t believe we have been here nearly 5 years and we don’t own one or two yet!
      Lucy is now taking some private lessons, and I believe we are purchasing a horse from them–(we are good friends).
      I’m pretty sure a little mini horse will be joining the big horse in the pasture!
      Yep, the petting zoo is starting to take shape!
      We had goats when I was a kid!!! I think I could still milk one!
      My parents were “ahead of their time” so to speak–they made goat cheese and sold at fairs. Of course at the time I thought it very uncool!
      Wish I had learned how to make goat cheese!

      1. I *so* wish I could have dairy goats, but there’s no good way of getting rid of the kids for us – no 4-H, other than Horse Girls, and no small local slaughterhouse to take them to. I’ve eaten goat – it’s really good! But I’m not up to doing the deed myself, and Hubby is a city boy, through-and-through… Maybe someday, though.
        My daughter had a mini to keep her quarter horse company for a while, until she moved back to a bigger boarding facility. Mowgli (the pony) lived in the back yard for 6 months by himself…he thought he was a dog. A dog who drank my coffee, if I wasn’t paying attention. I miss him… 🙂

  2. Cute pic! We have inherited three horses, sort of. It is a long, complicated story, but my 4-year old really, really wants to learn to ride. I know nothing about horses other than what I learned when reading Black Beauty.

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