Playing In The Leaves


The weather has been colder and wetter then normal!

Sunshine has been very scarce and I’m behind in the garden chores.

Mother Nature, I need a little cooperation.


So Fashion

So Fashion

Each year the Pantone Color Institute selects color trends.

This Fall color selections included an earthy green color that some labeled Herb.  I love that!

Another of the colors for this season is called Oak Buff, or as I like to call it–mustard.

When I turned over these mushrooms that I found today on a walk I couldn’t help but smile.

Mother Nature is the best designer!

Signs Of Life

Signs Of Life

     The greenhouse remains cold for a few more weeks, but I still venture out there to escape the Winter winds and just linger among the clay pots and garden tools.  Tucked into a crate I found these quail eggs that I had forgotten to pack away.

     These delicate eggs are among many items in my nature collection.  I love the colors, the delicate textures.  Mother Nature always inspires me.