Crop Rotation

Crop Rotation

A look back at last years kitchen garden, to create this years planting plan.
I crop rotate for disease control, and just because it keeps the garden interesting!

16 thoughts on “Crop Rotation

  1. What a beautiful garden! It all looks very organised and I love the greenhouse. I’m with you on the crop rotation although I have raised bed bags instead of your fine wooden beds!

    1. Thank you Rita…itching for some warmer temps!
      I didn’t forget you-still have to pop by with a little something I have for you!
      Now I’m just plain teasing! 🙂

    1. I’m actually planting “tried and true” this year. Only what I know my family will eat!
      We are making the big long raised bed–strawberries and asparagus this year. Our hope is to make “everything” fit into the fenced area. Now I have strawberries and asparagus on the South end of the property–we planted there when we first moved here. It’s to far away for watering and not great soil there. Simplify is the theme!

  2. Beautiful garden! I love seeing pictures like these…so inspiring! As far as crop rotation goes…I’m changing everything around this year and starting a whole new tomato bed. I agree with you, I think it’s good to rotate.

  3. Beautiful backdrop behind your garden too Stacey. Garden Sunshine posted a really good website for garden planning today. Shows how far apart to plant and how many plants you need for a space too. I thought it was pretty cool

  4. See that big dead tree back there? It has got to go this Spring–on our terms not high winds or storms! All Winter I have worried it’s going to fall on my greenhouse!!!
    Thank you for the link, I will check it out!

  5. It is fun to look back at photos of last year’s garden when planning your layout. I’m always amazed that it seems to take so little time for a tiny seed to turn into a productive plant.

  6. Love to see you have marigolds too in your veggie beds, we grow them along side our own veggies.. Our allotment now winter dug, and mucked, still very cold for April, but the potatoes earlies are going in tomorrow. We have many seeds germinating in the greenhouse and on window sills… Can not wait to get back to gardening again … and start planting ..

    Your garden is looking great…

  7. I’m really falling behind this year. Last year was the first time I really feel like I almost wasted my time…I do think I tend to plant the same things every year. So I think you may have given me a clue as to a missing step–crop rotation! I can see I need to make some changes! 🙂 Your garden beds look just beautiful!

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