Easter Is On It’s Way


Spring took a few days off with the return of snow and cold in the garden.

Luckily I’m busy in the greenhouse moving seedlings to pots and sowing more seeds.

With Easter right around the corner, I thought I’d share an image from last years sweet baby ducklings.

MaMa Duck hatching these 11 babies just might be my favorite memory of life out here.

Peaceful moments watching this little family swim in the garden pond.

Signs Of Life

Signs Of Life

     The greenhouse remains cold for a few more weeks, but I still venture out there to escape the Winter winds and just linger among the clay pots and garden tools.  Tucked into a crate I found these quail eggs that I had forgotten to pack away.

     These delicate eggs are among many items in my nature collection.  I love the colors, the delicate textures.  Mother Nature always inspires me.

Jack In The Pulpit

Jack In The Pulpit

Under the shade of the Pines in our tree grove, the ground is covered with these woodland flowers.
The colors of the flowers vary from lime greens to nearly black.
After flowering they form clusters of bright red berries.