Patiently Waiting

While the gardeners in warmer climates are busy getting their gardens underway, we must wait patiently in the colder growing zones.

I found myself kicking at the last stubborn snow piles around the kitchen garden this morning.

Mother Nature is bringing rain with possible thunderstorms this evening…that should erase the last evidence of winter-for now!

March is a month of high snowfall amounts, so I’m sure the white will blanket the garden a bit more before spring, or even well into spring!



My first born

My first born

Despite the weather and below normal temperatures in May-I was still able to get my Heirloom tomato plants into the raised beds quite early.
After yet another round of rain, this is what I found this morning.
Ahhh, it’s adorable!

The Greenhouse in Late Summer

Each morning usually starts with a check of the greenhouse and garden, and today marked the first cool morning as we have nearly exhausted the first week of August.

The bon-fire from last night is smoldering, with a hint of smoke trailing from it.

The greenhouse was lit with dapples of sunrise…

It’s going to be a good day–I can tell.

Garden Club is open!