The Greenhouse in Late Summer

Each morning usually starts with a check of the greenhouse and garden, and today marked the first cool morning as we have nearly exhausted the first week of August.

The bon-fire from last night is smoldering, with a hint of smoke trailing from it.

The greenhouse was lit with dapples of sunrise…

It’s going to be a good day–I can tell.

Garden Club is open!

10 thoughts on “The Greenhouse in Late Summer

    1. Lot’s of tomatoes picked and washed, ready to slow roast and trying a batch of salsa. Testing a new recipe. So wonderful to throw open the windows and hear the birds. 🙂 It was a good day!

  1. Loving the dappled light on the cold frame. I’m not quite ready for that autumn coolness in the air yet. It really feels like we’ve had no summer at all here. I’m starting to dream of a sunshine escape this winter!

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