My first born

My first born

Despite the weather and below normal temperatures in May-I was still able to get my Heirloom tomato plants into the raised beds quite early.
After yet another round of rain, this is what I found this morning.
Ahhh, it’s adorable!

15 thoughts on “My first born

    1. I was away most of the day today, and I literally dropped my stuff on the table and had to run to the garden to check how much the garden grew today!
      I love the garden right now, while it is still tidy and neat, just ready to take off and grow quickly.
      More sunshine needed!

  1. I should send you photos of the babies growing here from your seeds. I guess they could be considered grandchildren. 🙂 Now if it would stop raining…18 days in the month of June is way too much.

    1. You must be getting our weather from a week ago! We are having a nice streak now! Hope you have a bumper crop, and let me know how you like them–I think I sent you my absolute favorites from last year!

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