Sweet Pea

I have never had luck growing sweet peas.

This year I tried just one more time.

Potted into a large clay pot, they have been growing, and growing…

And today–the first blossom.

8 thoughts on “Sweet Pea

  1. I had 3 huge wigwams of sweet peas last year. I had so many flowers I was giving them away. This year has been a disaster for them though with all the rain. Some plants are starting to pick up now as the temperatures have risen and the sun has come out. So I at least have enough for a vase by my bed.

  2. Result!! I picked some yesterday the scent is filling the kitchen as I type this – so sweet and pungent. But I do like to leave a few on the vine as they look so pretty twining and twirling around canes and string. Lovely 🙂

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